Look, Want and Feel the Part

integrityGood day, Ladies!

We women always want to have a “good hair day.” We have events; whether it’s a fancy party, a family gathering, a reunion or simply going to the market, we women need to look, want and feel the part! After all, we never know who we’ll bump into along the way!integrity

Now, I know that looks aren’t everything and that beauty is skin deep. But, we as girls yearn to be accepted and encouraged in life. We love to feel loved! Well, how ’bout turning that around..in order for us to feel loved and encouraged, why not love and encourage others? Sound good? Think about it a minute. When we act kind and loving to another person, it will rub off and come flowing back to us! But, we should want to do it, anyway. Now, that’s a great thought! Especially for those of us who have children. We learn by example and teach the same to our children.

How is it that it seems so easy for some women to portray integritybeauty and others seem to have to work hard at it? Well, I say, that no matter what we feel about ourselves, we are ALL beautiful! It is important to work on our inner and outer beauty in order to carry an array of elegance and stamina. We women of the world must set good examples out there! We must pour out integrity, gentleness and kindness and make it all seem effortless..and when it DOES become effortless, then we know that we are at our very best in life and others will follow suit.

integrityIt is all about how we carry ourselves and then set good examples for other ladies. Look in the mirror and love what you see!

So, look, want and feel the part every day in order to live a more wholesome and enduring life and lifestyle. It’s all about the attitude! Have a great day, ladies!

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