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Only time can tell what fashion is “in” and what fashion is fashion trends“out.” Let’s break it down, shall we? Looking at old photos of, say, twenty years ago, do you still wear those clothes? The logical answer is “NO!” How can we tell what is “hip” and what is “old-fashioned?”

A lot of what we see on TV sets the stage, so to speak, for the newest trends. What celebs wear on the red carpet makes a super statement of the ultimate taste. However, some styles that the ladies wear are deemed tasteless by so-called “expert analyzers.”fashion trends

So, what can we women trust in the way of the current fashion trends? Well, it’s easy..we can make our own statements. (I like that idea a lot more!) Or, we can keep copying and keeping up with what the world thinks is the latest style phenomenon and who is wearing what. Remember, you have your own choice of what suits you! So, make a statement all by yourself! You’ll thank me!

~ Erin ~

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  1. Great ideas Erin llike it

    1. Thank you! I hope you’ll visit again. I am adding a lot more great content all the time!

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