I’m a Girly

I’m a Girly, too!

I love to keep up on the current styles, whip up some good grub, stay in tune with women in the news, know what’s trendy, watch a good

girlytearjerker, go to girly girl parties and basically do what all women love to do—SHOP! There are great girly items for sale on Ladies-Night-In, too! You can get everything from recipes to fashion, makeup to DVDs! Whatever style or taste suits you, you can get it here!

Isn’t it fun to stay in and have some girly time!? Well, here you can do just that! You’ll want to linger often and indulge in all this site has to offer. It’s a gold mind of fun! Thank you for visiting! You’re invited back any time!

So, browse around, explore, and bask in the excitement and enjoyment of Ladies-Night-In.

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Hi and thanks so much for clicking by! Let me introduce myself. Yes, I’m a girly, too! I’m H. Erin Nelson, Published Author of

Bibletoons Serie

the BIBLETOONS series, Founder/Owner of BIBLETOONS FOUNDATION and Web Designer/Owner of WorldHorizons Web. This is my story..

I LOVE LIFE and have a true passion for exploring all it has to offer. I sometimes get totally lost in my writing and web designing because I enjoy it so intensely, and I feel it is the most desirable work to put my time into. I also love a good challenge and reaching my goals in my work and in life is what I’m always striving for. Accomplishment takes root through happiness & contentment, passion & perseverance, and faith & integrity. I’m thankful for the opportunities to pursue my purpose.

 I humbly introduce you to my life:

Published Author of  the Bibletoons Series

BIBLETOONS: Book One, Adventure with Noah; Book Two, Miracle in Bethlehem;  Book Three, The Shepherd’s Sling. Click on my web site to learn more.

My books are available on my site or the best way to buy them is to email me directly for personalized copies. bibletoons@gmail.com
Besides the Bibletoons series, I’m also writing four other works, one of which is in production now and the other three are in line! Stay tuned! I love to write!                                                                               

Bibletoons Foundation: http://bibletoonsfoundation.org

Donations that fund Christian books for children worldwide. By donating $10 or more today, you will make a child smile tomorrow. Each $10 donation sends a Bibletoons book to children all over the world in hospitals, orphanages, schools, etc. Go to my site to learn more and to make your donation today! Be a part of my Worldwide Mission.

Questions? Email: Erin@ladies-night-in.com

WorldHorizons Web: www.worldhorizonsweb.com

Providing Professional Web Service Since 2000. I love to work with colors & make them come alive on the screen! Researching & learning about the businesses I design for is an essential part of my work. It is interesting & helpful to know all the information needed to be included on a site, & it is great for designer/client relationships.  All of the sites are custom-designed for clients as to their liking, and full approval upon completion has certainly been satisfying. Some web options available are: fully customized format, email accounts, professional photography, flash design, slide shows, mouse over images and digital photo albums.

 I have also custom-designed business cards, letterhead, logos, shopping cart ads, signs, bus murals and billboards. Visit WorldHorizons Web today to learn more.

Email worldhorizonsweb@gmail.com and leave your phone number for a free quote.

So, as you can see, a great deal of my life revolves around the INTERNET. Whether I’m doing research and writing or designing web sites, I’m pretty much on the computer during most of my week.
So, a lot of the time, you can find me right here at Ladies-Night-In blogging, expanding this site, responding to your comments and loving being a women!

  I’m also always looking for extra ways to earn income online, and since I’m there anyway, why not? 

There are plenty of great business ventures online. I suggest that you search on Google to find one that you may be interested in and do some research.
When I searched around on Google, I found a fun and amazing way to build another new business for myself without slacking off on my other work. While surfing the web, I came across a very interesting and doable business venture. The company is called WEALTHY AFFILIATE and all I did to check it out was to log on and create a FREE STARTER MEMBERSHIP. That’s right, it’s FREE to join and start a business, with no obligation or trickery! Read my full review HERE. This was a no-brainer for me and a legit way to earn more money! But, don’t take my word for it, see for yourself!

Every feedback or comment enhances our website. Thank you for your stories!

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